Great Cat Advice That Is Simple To Follow by Melodee G. Guz

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January 8, 2012 - Cats, just like all kinds of pets, require care from a responsible owner. Grooming a cat is not the same as grooming other pets, like dogs. It requires a little more time and energy to get the look that you want. You should continue reading to learn more about properly caring for your cat.

Shop at your local pet shelter for your forthcoming cat. Shelters are filled with wonderful cats, and the adoption fee usually covers essential vet care. Whenever you bring home a shelter cat, you'll be saving its life and you'll be doing your part encourage.

Crystals form in urine from male cats. This can be prevented with good food choices. Much like kidney stones, these crystals are painful and vet bills are pricey. Select a cat food lower in magnesium. Check the label. Fish goods are usually higher in magnesium.

Your home furnishings can fall victim to your cat's sharp claws. If your cat is ripping up and shredding your house, invest in a kitty tower or scratching post or cat brush. They can scratch this instead. This solution might take time to take, however it will help in the end.

Your home can really get torn apart with a cat's claws. If your cat is ripping up and shredding your home, invest in a kitty tower or scratching post. Entice these to scratch those items rather than your belongings. Have patience, it might take some time for your cat to learn to use the post or tower.

Have you got both the cat and dog? A dog will probably end up eating the cat's food if it gets the chance. Feed your pets in different areas of the house, and monitor them when they eat. This will prevent the two from fighting over the water once the food dishes are empty.

Convey a "tablecloth" under your cat's food bowl. Often, a cat will remove food from his bowl to consume on the side. This creates work since you must then clean up the leftover loose food. Place a piece of fabric or a place-mat under your cat's bowl after which simply shake it on the garbage can for convenient and easy cleanup.

Whenever your cat starts urinating often or in odd places, it may be time to see the vet. Cats often do such things when struggling with urinary tract infections or other sorts of health issues. A costly illness could be prevented with a few inexpensive antibiotics.

Try determining why the kitty is purring. Learning about your cat's meows will be easier the more you know her. It may be she's hungry or must go outside. Settled to these cues and you will eventually learn how to decipher them.

Every cat loves to have lots of play time. All animals of all ages need to play and a cat is no different. While a senior cat probably will not be very rambunctious, the right type of toy will get them interested. Make time to have fun with your cat.

Dry food is best for adult cats. Kittens need wet food given that they have tiny teeth. Because they develop adult teeth, the harder [ dry food] keeps their teeth strong. If you have a cat that's a picky eater, try combining dry cat food with a wet version.

Consider holes around the home you would rather your cat didn't enter into. It's amazing how small an opening has to be before a cat can't fit. Be especially careful with kittens. Be aware of this when you are bringing a new cat into the home. Cover all large holes to prevent a hazard for your cat.

Make sure you place a tag collar in your cat. Your cat could get out of your house even if you don't think they'll. If your cat gets lost, your odds of getting it back is going to be much higher if she has a collar and a tag.

You cat will look much better once it has been well groomed. You control how healthy your cat looks and feels. Your cat will love you for grooming them, and it's a good time for bonding together. Take the advice given in this article to keep your cat looking healthy and well-groomed.