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March 8, 2013 - There are tons of prospective iPhone owners (as well as veteran users) who don't know how to get the most out of their phones. Fortunately for the children (and you, if you're one of them), one can learn a lot of handy iPhone tricks from useful articles like this one. Keep reading to master great iPhone guidelines.

It is possible to download an app to allow your iPhone to upload files and save them as a storage option. You'll be able to upload text, photos, videos and music files. All you need to do to understand this music would be to connect your iPhone with a laptop or desktop computer.

Do not keep a lot of movies stored about the iPhone. A film should take about 1G of space. If you have more than one in your phone it can cause websites to crash. It may also stop apps from doing its job well as they can.

There is a simple method to reduce the period of time you spend typing on the iPhone or sennheiser headphones. Within your phone's settings, access the general area, and pick "keyboard." Then, put in a shortcut. If you do this, you have the option of preprogramming longer words or phrases you frequently say. In the future, this can help you avoid typing them each time.

Do you think you're trying to support your contacts on your iPhone? The app iDrive Lite will give you the ability to have this backup in the matter of an emergency. Not just that, it is free if you switch your software to two.0 prior to starting.

Are you always sending text messages to the same number of people? Make those numbers your favorites. This is a great feature given it organizes all of your favorites and up to date calls in a list that one could simply use to text and give them a call. Simply tap the small arrow with the contact and pick text message. This can be great for quickly searching for all the recent calls and texts you missed.

Did your iPhone freeze you at a bad time? If nothing occurs you press Sleep or Home, support the button marked Home for about 6 seconds. This will likely force any locked apps to shut. If you're still not getting a response, then press upon your Sleep and Home buttons simultaneously, and hold them for around ten sconds. The Apple logo relates to the main screen when this occurs as it turns your iPhone back on.

Think about buying a battery management application. Many such apps already exist and when getting the absolute maximum performance for the dollar is really a goal, you should invest in one or the other. In addition, they can let you know ought to calibrate, which will allow you to maintain a healthy battery.

If Siri's mechanized voice rubs the actual wrong way, you actually have other options. Siri can be found in General Settings. Next, choose French, German or English to serve as Siri's language. You change the accent to British or Australian. In fact, British Siris are male.

When you'd like to maintain your privacy, you can use your iPhone to prevent your telephone number from arriving on caller ID. Just go for the settings, then choose phone modify the settings in "Show Caller ID". That area also has your phone number stored in it in case you forget your own number.

For convenient access to messages, tag each email account beforehand. You will receive notifications when a message is within your email's inbox. You're not limited to an individual email account using this feature.

Customize the sounds on the phone so you can hear clicking when typing. Some people find this can help them make less mistakes since you can keep up with the speed where your phone processes all of your keystrokes.

Try snapping steadier shots while using the headphone cord volume controls, as soon as you how to take shots using them. Make sure that your body and hands are steady when using this shot for a better resolution. In this way, you do not shake the iPhone, that will ensure your shot is see-through.

Tap cancel to save an email message. Mail will show up, offering you the choice to Save, Don't Save, or Cancel. If it's saved, it can be stored in Drafts. The iPhone makes it simple by creating a Drafts folder to suit your needs, if you do not curently have one in place.

You are able to set up shortcuts to a particular words around the iPhone being more efficient when typing. Access settings, then general, and choose keyboard, finally, choose "add new shortcut". You can contribute acronyms or abbreviations to face for common keywords that you often type. Using these shortcuts whilst you type will insert the proper phrases or letter combinations automatically.

It can be tricky hoping to get around a web site on the small screen from the iPhone. You could inadvertently end up scrolling through the entire page. In the event you seem to be having problems scrolling, use your iPhone's zoom feature. It will take some practice but using two fingers if you are scrolling through on your own iPhone might help save time and refine your touch so that you will reach the portion of a website you had been looking for with less effort than if you use a single finger.

Capturing pictures from the headphone cord about the iPhone can conserve a lot of time and. First, create the picture you intend to snap. When you find yourself ready to make photograph, press on the cord's button. Doing this will take a picture. Make use of your regular picture saving steps to include the picture to your camera roll.

Thanks to their continued history of innovation, there always appears to be something new and useful that iPhones are able to do. But, most novices for the iPhone just be familiar with some of the things their device are able to do. The information provided here can assist you get a great deal more from the iPhone you then imagined.